[Archaeology is] a vast fiendish jigsaw puzzle invented by the devil as an instrument of tantalizing torture.”

As an Educator, Anthropologist with specializations in gender, power, and identity in Indigenous Caribbean Societies, and a Historical Archaeologist, I weave together the past and present into a rich living tapestry. My inspiration comes from human remains/artifacts/chronicles from the past, as well as the words and accounts of living descendants. In this way, I treat time not as a linear construct but as a kaleidoscopic mosaic of human experiences that transcend the rigid strictures of geospatial “realities.” The archetypal myths (heroes, villains, and creatures) of past and future cultures live in our collective genetic memory. They are the fancies of our higher spirits and the monsters of our Id, lurking in the cave of our subconscious. The Opi’a, the Duppy, the Ciguapa, the Soucouyant, the Ol’ Higue, the Loup Garou, the Chupacabra; they are all there… waiting…

Brú na Bóinne, Ireland
(setting of Book II of the Nocturne Trilogy)

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Decolonizing Paradise: A Radical Ethnography for Environmental Stewardship in the Caribbean https://www.academia.edu/98765954/Book_watermark_Part?source=swp_share (JUST RELEASED 2023!)

Marcha del Sol (March of the Sun) Saturday, 3/18/2023, in Adjuntas P.R. to celebrate the building of PRs first cooperatively-managed solar energy micro-grid system.